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Locate & Download Geographic Data

Select a resource from the categories listed in the table. Data can be accessed directly from various providers, or via downloads to your computer for use in GIS software. This page is under construction, with more coming soon...

Data Catalogs
Locate and download data for your GIS or map viewer.

Most data are provided as raster imagery, ESRI formatted Shapefile and/or Open Source formats.

Available Data Catalogs:

  • The 2007 LOSCO Data Catalog
    Comprising 15 data categories that contain over 200 data layers and tables that are GIS-ready. This is the data available on the LOSCO DVD published in 2007.

Data Services
Add data to your GIS software platform or globe-viewer application. No need to store the data when you can use it directly.

Online data services can be added to your existing GIS applications by connecting to the source via the Internet. Simply choose a data service provider that best describes your interest.

Available Data Services:

  • The Data Services Resource Center
    contains a list of various Data Services that are available to ArcGIS Desktop clients (v9.3). GIS Professionals can browse, review, and consume data services directly into their ArcMap document.
Please note: many of these sites are not affiliated with LouisianaMap. For your protection, please follow all recommended data usage guidelines and disclaimers.
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